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Jonathan Jaramillo

I relocated to Boston over 21 years ago, falling in love with the city. 

My son and my family play the most important role in my life. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new cultures. Honesty and integrity, along with determination and dedication, are philosophies that I strive for in all aspects of my life. 


Having more than 15 years of experience working on food and beverage business I have no doubt that helping people is my passion, with my excellent customer service skills, I am excited to be turning my focus toward real estate. One of the most important aspects of this change is the opportunity to continue learning and progressing in my career while helping people through major times in their lives, seeing the tangible results of your actions at the end of each day is what keeps me motivated.


Jonathan is originally from Colombia and relocated to Boston 18 years ago. His son and family play the most important role in his life.

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